Prevent Tooth Loss With Dental Implant Procedure

Prevent Tooth Loss With Dental Implant Procedure

September 21, 2021

Some time ago, there were very few options for people with missing or damaged teeth, possibly due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury. In time, we started to have options like bridges, dentures, and so on. Later on, Dental implants were introduced in the year 1952. Today, it is the best option for a missing tooth. Dentists refer to it as the standard of care for tooth loss over the world. Are you worried or sad about how your cavity looks like? Dental implants in Livermore can solve that problem.

So, What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the alternate tooth core fixed to match your natural teeth, either removable or permanent. It also acts as a substitute for the roots of a missing tooth. The closest way to mimic the natural tooth is by getting dental implants fused to the jawbone because it stands on its own without affecting the nearby tooth and has excellent vitality. They fill up the space left by the missing or damaged tooth. Most dental implants are made of titanium which makes them integrate with the bone without been recognized as an unfamiliar object In our mouth. A dental implant is constructed to fuse with bone, thereby becoming permanent and making it look like your natural tooth. Favorably, science and technology have progressed, making the outcome of dental implants successful. Due to this course, the success rate of dental implants is almost 98%.

What is the Procedure for Getting One Like?

When a person is ready for a dental implant, the first step is to create a treatment plan; this helps to identify the proper treatment that is best for your dental issues. This needs to be coordinated by a trained and experienced team of professionals in oral surgery. You can visit our Livermore dental office to get your dental implants fixed. You can rest assured of quality treatment.

After identifying the suitable plan, the next step is to fix the tooth root implant. It’s made of titanium and settled into the bone socket of the missing or damaged tooth. It is fastened securely on the jaw, and as the jawbones heal, it grows around the titanium. The healing process takes two to three months. Lastly, after the jawbone has bonded with the implants, a tiny connector called an abutment is affixed to the post to hold the newly implanted tooth securely.

Why Dental Implants?

First off, a smile with a missing tooth is seldom a pretty sight. Asides from that, one may have problems with chewing, cutting, and speaking. Any tooth replacement option solves this problem. The effects of a missing tooth on one’s confidence should not be ignored either. Dental implants will fix this for you. Visit our dentist near you to design implants that would match the size and color of your remaining tooth, and that will fit the gap perfectly. Remember, they are fixed to the bone, and this makes them permanent.

In discomfort, dental implants ease the pain caused by a broken or damaged tooth or denture. It allows you to speak fluently without slurring or mumbling because when dentures are not properly fixed, it gives difficulty in speech.

Dental implants last for a lifetime, depending on how well you take care of them. They do not need a particular product to care for them, and you need your daily brushing and flossing as you would have done to your natural tooth. They are also convenient and restore the same bite force you naturally would have. You tend to lose the bone mass in your jaw when you lose your teeth. Dental implants also prevent bone loss as it replaces the jaw bone instigation which helps to prevent bone loss. Also, with a dental implant, you are free from cavities. Unlike others, the materials dental implant is made of can’t decay. With everything said, if you want a permanent solution to your tooth loss, dentist in Livermore, CA, can work on your dental implant for you professionally.

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